Monica delivers both keynote presentations and workshops, both of which can be customised for your upcoming event and audience. Monica is also able to create bespoke, original content for events if required.

The StarStruck Phenomenon – How to become the media’s ‘go-to’ person in order to command top dollar

This keynote explores the psychology of why one’s credibility and appeal is instantly increased when becoming famous.  Using examples, Monica talks through the role the media plays in this and the strategies business owners can use to create this ‘fame factor’ for their own benefit.


  1. Exploring the psychology of fame and why we revere those who have a consistent presence in the media.
  2. Monica’s 5 step formula to become the media’s ‘go-to’ expert for your industry.
  3. Three ways to use your media coverage to dramatically increase you profit.

From Profile to Profit – How to create newsworthy angles that will get your brand in the headlines

The media are thirsty for content, more now than ever.  This is a very practical workshop, clearly explaining what the media are looking for when putting together content.

Through Monica sharing her trade secrets, participants leave the workshop armed with the tools and confidence to consistently magnify their message in the media.

Three Takeaways:

  1. Participants will gain a good understanding of the current media landscape and what journalists are looking for in a story.
  2. Monica outlines 7 newsworthy angle ideas that participants can use to consistently achieve coverage in mainstream media.
  3. A demonstration of how to combine media exposure with digital marketing to grow your business at an exponential speed.