Do you want to help your delegates untap their true potential?

Communication is the single most important skill for the success of your organisation.

It’s also the skill that often gets overlooked.

We all know that you might have a great leadership strategy, but if you can’t engage your people, it’s just empty words.

You might have the best product or service in the world, but if you can’t communicate it effectively to your target market, you’re leaving money on the table.

Your people might be the best in their field, but if that nagging voice in their head keeps saying, “ÿou’re not good enough” they won’t perform to their full potential and it’s unlikely they’ll meet your business objectives.

InCredible Communicators are able to tap into their Intuition, Integrity and Influence in order to communicate with credibility.

But how do you transform from being a regular communicator to an inCredible communicator?

That’s where Monica Rosenfeld comes in.

Monica is a former Producer for Australia’s top rating ‘A Current Affair’ Program. When she wasn’t chasing fraudsters down the street, she helped thousands of people communicate their story, to an audience of millions.

She has worked in the media industry for over 25 years both in Europe and Australia, helping to shine the spotlight on dynamic change makers across the globe. 

Monica is the communication whisperer behind global corporations, government sectors, fast growth start-ups and individuals who are creating positive change in the world. 

She is also a stand-up comedian, performing in the Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide Comedy Festivals.

Monica is on a mission to unleash the true potential of leaders, business owners and individuals through the power of inCredible Communication. 

She helps people tap into their unique gifts and express these to the world at large in an authentic and powerful way.

As a Professional Speaker, she brings over two decades of trade secrets to the table, providing insights and practical strategies to help delegates move from a feeling of depletion, fear and uncertainty to feeling confident, passionate and focused.

As a comedian, she knows how to get your audience laughing, so that her messages land and are remembered long after everyone goes home.

Her message will create massive impact for your people at your virtual, hybrid or in-person event.

The InCredible Communication methodology teaches your people the power of T.R.U.S.T.

  • Monica rosenfeld Trust

    Transform your self-talk to cure imposter syndrome and develop unstoppable confidence

  • Monica rosenfeld Trust

    Re-define your personal brand – (it’s more than clothing, hairstyle and social media likes) to be remembered, remarked upon and revered

  • Understand the key to leading with integrity to become someone people want to follow

  • Stand Out as an industry expert with powerful media exposure to attract premium clients

  • Turbo charge your reputation for exceptional customer service

Although this is seriously powerful content, it’s delivered with humour and energy.

Using story-telling and whip-smart humour, Monica has a way of making complex concepts simple, leaving audiences excited and inspired to become inCredible Communicators.

"Personable, authentic and of the highest quality."
Darren Parker, Executive Director, SIRA, NSW Govt


The inCredible Communication T.R.U.S.T. Methodology consists of the following themes:

Monica rosenfeld Trust

Transform Self-talk to Cure Imposter Syndrome

Move your People from self-doubt to Confidence, Clarity and a Can-do attitude

 Key takeaways:

• Help your people become more resilient in times of uncertainty

• Motivate your leaders to step up, be confident, lead with integrity

• Move your team’s mindset from fear and doubt to confidence and inspiration

Monica rosenfeld Trust

Redefine your Personal Brand

Decoding the science of being Remembered, Remarked upon and Revered

Key takeaways:

• Transform your people into persuasive and respected leaders

• Get your people to understand, there’s more to personal branding than clothes,

hairstyle and social media followers.

• Help organisations attract their ideal customers/clients

Monica rosenfeld Trust

Understand the Key to Leading with Integrity

Help your leaders become someone people want to follow

Key takeaways:

• Shift your leaders from management to leadership mode

• Help leaders get the best out of their teams

• Create a happier workplace with loyal employees

Monica rosenfeld Trust

Stand Out as THE expert authority for your industry

Become the ‘go-to’ media expert in your industry to attract ideal clients

Key takeaways:

• Show businesses how to secure FREE ‘money-can’t-buy’ mass media exposure

• Help businesses attract dream clients through powerful content creation

• Position business owners as industry experts so they sell more

Monica rosenfeld Trust

Turbo-charge your reputation for exceptional customer experience

Show your clients love to earn their loyalty and receive more referrals than you can handle

Key takeaways:

• Help your people understand what it takes to create loyal clients

• Inspire your teams to consciously communicate with your clients

• Inspire your people to shift from a transactional to caring customer

service mindset


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